Welcome you, who have lived, are living or will live in this astonishing tiny jungle town nestled in the Papua (formerly Irian Jaya) Jayawijaya Mountains.


Tembagapura produced many altered lives from its potent influence socially, politically and geographically... not to mention, geologically. Opportunities abound to live so distinctively in contrast to motherland nations.


Without Jean Jacque Dozy's explorer bug, Forbes Wilson's geologic insight, Freeport's action to mine the area, Indonesia's generosity and the native people's tolerance, Tembagapura would not exist.


No matter from where they come, Tembagapura families are different. The friends and memories made will forever be cherished. Thank you for visiting Tembagapura.com!


- Jason Scarabin


Triction: Mentally Disordered

Dylan Pritchard traverses his unstable mind through years of travel to and from a waterfall (in Tembagapura).  He's taken away by a group of strange, but interesting and highly successful people to a remote desert location.  After only a day at Monterey Station, he's brought back his own reality.  This reality is the discovery of what the waterfall meant to him then and now.


Coming May 2017!

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